Since 2011, IFTD has vast experience in developing, producing and selling industrial and decorative floors and coatings all over India and to various sectors of industries. Our all floors are based on epoxy and polyurethane. IFTD is respected for all flooring solutions. For every industry IFTD offers a suitable flooring solutions which makes our floors foundation of many successful businesses.

We work closely with architects, contractors and end users to realize a floor fitting and the needs of the construction of renovation plan. In addition, IFTD has extensive network of experienced applicators, who will be available for your project. Additionally, we pursue moral business practices and gem unadulterated straight forwardness in the entirety of our exchanges to keep sound relations with our clients. Our employees work under the guidance of “ Mr. Varun Ranjan “ Under his direction, we have achieved a prestigious position in the flooring solutions. His consistent inspiration has enabled us to play out the business bargain under the pre-set time period.

With service facility available in various industrial hubs of India, we offer services nationwide in keeping up with current health and safety regulations. To guarantee a successful installation we undertake all our work professionally and carry out projects in time bound manner.